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HomePublic Sector CoursesADVANCED INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY-Venue: Abuja: Lap New World Hotel Jabi Abuja Date: Feb 13-16 ; May 23-26 July 4-7 & Nov 21-24   Fee: N235,500

ADVANCED INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY-Venue: Abuja: Lap New World Hotel Jabi Abuja Date: Feb 13-16 ; May 23-26 July 4-7 & Nov 21-24   Fee: N235,500


Tax Identification Number (TIN) : 6500135238 

Venue: Abuja: Lap New World Hotel Jabi Abuja

Date: Feb 13-16 ; May 23-26 July 4-7 & Nov 21-24   Fee: N235,500  Bank Details: Francis Consulting  (ACCESS BANK PLC) Account Number 0034926631 ;Fund Transfer Sort Code 044152273 Discount Policy 3-5 Delegates 5% 6-10 Delegates 10%  Above 10 Delegates  20%
Available as Classroom as well as Online Training 

(Available also for Customised Training by Duration, Venue & Fee)


Why Attend:

The workshop will highlight current trends and practices in modern day Information and Communication Technology.

It will also equip delegates with the best practices in ICT management.

Participants will include Directors of ICT, Lecturers, Chief Librarians as well as others saddled with ICT issues in Public and Private Sectors

This workshop will also highlight the various ways of managing the administrative office. It will expose the modern techniques in handling the computer system’s hard and software’s as well effective internet administration architectures.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is becoming a key driver for the successful employment of Person in all works of life including people with Disabilities (PWDs) due to its permeation and proliferation of ICT in the world of work.

ICT has changed how people build their skills, how they search for work, how they do their work, etc. The internet and digital technologies are also changing how entrepreneurs, people who are self-employed, and free-lancers are raising capital, finding clients, and selling services.

Many People pursue self-employment due to the barriers of getting jobs in the competitive labour market. The internet and digital technologies are changing the field of self-employment and entrepreneurship through online work.

Digital technologies have brought unprecedented opportunities to people in all works of life including those in Nigeria, Africa up to those in Asia-Pacific region.

Even People with disabilities (PwDs), on the one hand, face challenges in tapping the potentials presented by the Internet and on the other hand could significantly improve their employment and entrepreneurship. This workshop therefore offers a back to back workshop to better prepared the candidates for the digital era.

The workshop will focus on Accessible Information Communication Technology tools and skills, as well as other Skills such as;

The Digital Revolution – New Technologies and their Implications

Digital E-Services (Internet and Mobile)

  • E-Government
  • Internet and mobile services
  • Customer experience

Information Security and Cyber

  • Cyber Threats and Trends
  • Risk Management and Compliance issues
  • Business Continuity and contingency planning
  • Computer Hardwares and softwares

ICT Management

  • ICT Strategic planning
  • ICT Performance Management
  • “Soft Skills” in Project Management: Team Work and Communication
  • Communication technology infrastuctures and assets including wireless transmission assets.

ICTs are useful for improving the efficiency of work processes and for allowing organizations to offer new services to benefit the general public. ICTs are also playing a major role in the economic growth of countries and have great potential to promote innovation.

Purpose and objectives

To provide a training opportunity on accessible information and technology.
To provide a platform for exchange and sharing of information and innovation.
To promote an inclusive and harmonious community through web accessibility and information.