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HomeCommunicationManaging e-library Course-Venue: Abuja: Bayelsa Guest House Maitama Abuja    Date: Jan 19-22 ; April 27-30 & August 9-12

Managing e-library Course-Venue: Abuja: Bayelsa Guest House Maitama Abuja    Date: Jan 19-22 ; April 27-30 & August 9-12

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Venue: Abuja: Bayelsa Guest House Maitama Abuja

Date: Jan 19-22 ; April 27-30 & August 9-12

Fee: N195,500  Bank Details: Francis Consulting  (ACCESS BANK PLC) Account Number 0034926631 ;Fund Transfer Sort Code 044152273

Discount Policy 3-5 Delegates 5% 6-10 Delegates 10%  Above 10 Delegates  20%

Available as Classroom as well as Online Training 

(Available also for Customised Training by Duration, Venue & Fee)


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Why Attend

Libraries, especially digital libraries, are truly at the heart of knowledge societies; they enable people to access, share, and apply knowledge. Digital libraries provide access to many of the knowledge networks around the world, which is a necessary component of a knowledge society.

Digital libraries have traditionally been positioned at the intersection of library science, computer science, and networked information systems.

E-library management technique programme will also look at library management and electronic libraries, electronic and paper filing, document and version control, mobile libraries, Braille users, compliance and legislation, metadata and indexing, managing collections, archiving and preservation, advanced searching methods, e-library management policies and electronic systems.


  • Digital libraries: problems and prospects
  • Extending Benefits of Modern Technology to Public, Academic and Special Libraries
  • Organization of digital library in the University Library System
  • Collaboration in public library
  • Use of virtual learning environment in higher education to teach digital natives: A case study
  • Digital Libraries Development and Management: Institutional Repositories in Nigeria – A Study
  • Knowledge management in academic libraries: A brief review
  • A broad overview of procedures, guidelines, best practices, and standards relating to e-Library management, document control, administration, filing, documentation and document management and improvement
  • Review of e-Library management systems for storage, indexing, searching, control, archiving and long-term preservation
  • Review legal issues, legislation, and compliance requirements
  • Focus on the need to create good document policy, procedures, and standards
  • Hands-on drafting, programmes and case studies in groups

For Whom:

Librarians, Library Officers, Lecturers, ICT staff etc in Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education